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Design and Manufacture of High Fidelity Custom Simulators

Merlin Simulation, Inc

Creating Custom Flight, Ground, and Ship Simulators

Merlin Simulation builds flight simulators all over the world – for Government and services including military and EMS, as well as commercial organizations ranging from flight schools to airlines. Most of the airplane or helicopter simulators such as Merlin’s Blackhawk simulators are custom created for the missions they will perform. In addition, Merlin builds other types of man-in-the-loop simulators such as ATC tower, UAS, ground vehicles, boats and ships.

Our Cababilities

Merlin Simulation, Inc

The Merlin Flight Simulator Difference

Merlin Simulation proved the enduring integrity of our work by developing simulators for more than 20 years and by harnessing all the tools, parts, designs and specs to carefully customize and craft in house fixed wing, rotary wing and tower flight simulators. Not outsourcing means:

  • Better control over quality
  • Shorter timelines
  • Lower costs

Merlin Flight Simulator Difference

Merlin Flight Simulator Applications

Some applications include:

  • Our pro series for any size flight school
  • Any type of airplane/helicopter simulator for military and/or commercial sectors
  • Our ATC tower simulator customized to the tower equipment
  • Man-in-the-loop simulators for UAS, ground vehicles, tanks, large trucks and boats/ships

Turnkey Flight Simulator Experience

Merlin’s highly experienced team works together with the customer to provide precise solutions to meet specific requirements.

Our high-fidelity simulators can be built to replicate any type of aircraft or tower such as an ATC simulator, UH-60 simulator or a Boeing simulator.

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Turnkey Flight Simulator Experience

G15 Merlin Weapons
G20 Tank
G25 U21
G15 Merlin Weapons
G20 Tank
G25 U21

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